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Alfresco Performance Optimization

Alfresco Performance Optimisation

Alfresco uses many powerful and ready-to-use frameworks to address complex business processes. As it is open source product, the developer community is free to customize the product based on their skillset and business needs. In the process, if Alfresco’s best development practices are not followed, it might have a direct impact on the performance of Alfresco system, making maintenance of the product difficult and expensive. With our optimized Alfresco assessment processes, we identify lacunae in deployment and implement solutions that leverage Alfresco’s unmatched capabilities to the fullest. We have a five-step performance optimization service process:

  1. Understand the broad business goal
  2. Assessment
    1. Assess current development/infrastructure
    2. Assess current configuration
    3. Assess current customization
  3. Analyse the assessment
  4. Plan and present performance improvement plan
  5. Implement and validate the improvement plan

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