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Nov 07

ADF Chat Component [Video]


As an outcome of Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon 2017, team ContCentric is ready to present the first version of ADF Chat Component.

As hinted in the previous blog, we are glad to share the GitLab link to you, which includes the necessary content including the ReadMe PDF which describes the procedure to achieve the same. This work is the first step towards making Alfresco more robust as a collaboration tool for organizational users. We would be glad if Alfresco Community members come forward to enhance the features. Reach back to us and we will happy to work together.

Reproducing the GitLab link:  Click here to view and download the content.

Feedback is welcome!

We have created a small video to explain the architecture and to demonstrate how the chat works for the users.




Rahul Pethani

About The Author

Rahul Pethani is a Business Development Manager at ContCentric. Apart from looking after the sales and marketing activities of ContCentric, he has a keen interest in analyzing the use cases of both ECM and BPM platforms. Having a good insight into the Enterprise content management system. he used to stay updated with technological advancements and current affairs alike. Besides, he occasionally shares his domain expertise through writing blog posts.

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