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Aviation & Defense Document Management


The aviation industry is a highly complex ecosystem, wherein various suppliers, manufacturers, owners/operators and lessors collaborate on a daily basis. With so many players working together, the amount of data to be collected and managed is huge. Records in this highly regulated environment should be easily accessible, secure and safe as well as convenient to read into, so that the various stakeholders can identify issues, and resolve them immediately. You need a single, collaborative platform that is appropriately controlled and completely secure for your aerospace document management. This is made easy with the browser-based management, capture, and administration tools that come with ECM.

Aviation & Defense ECM Solutions

Aircraft Modification (MOD) Records Maintenance

The aircraft modification business involves converting commercial to cargo, upgrading existing airplanes, modifying their structures, etc. This involves high volumes of data, involving the different customers, make & model of aircrafts, owners/operators etc. which makes records management tedious and challenging. Our ECM solution will help you manage the high volumes of data by integrating your internal production systems with client systems and allows you to share modification records with your customers and partners.

Global availability of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Data

The aircraft travels globally, which is why the maintenance repair documentation and data should be accessible across the various airport maintenance & repair locations that include the airlines’ facilities and maintenance partners through a global trade document management system. A single data collection point should be maintained for this record. With ECM’s cloud-computing architecture, you get the distinct advantage of bidirectional communication conduit that gives you complete visibility on both internal and external activities conducted throughout the aircraft maintenance process.

Records and Document Management
Enterprise Collaboration

Airworthiness and Lease Optimization

In the airline industry, a complex challenge emerges owing to the reliance on lessors to finance fleet modernization programs. You need real-time access to assets’ maintenance records, which will help protect the portfolio value, make lease returns efficient, and ease the assembly of marketing packs. Our ECM solutions will help you stay profitable through the fleet modernization programs, while easily managing your diverse client base and maintaining control over operating cost. Digital document management will also help reduce the time between leases, which results in maximizing the recoveries from asset dispositions.


Mission-critical, high-volume aviation industry requires significant regulatory compliance and security, such as FFA, EASA, and CAA for passenger safety, aircraft maintenance, and security. Our ECM based document management industry solutions manage aircraft maintenance records and the business processes affecting these records to provide a standardized, paper-free means for operators to capture, store, retrieve, and share the records they generate. This solution also grants access to secure cloud for the exclusive use of aviation partners and connects them together to help them comply with regulations and improve passenger safety.

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Whether it is about training the armed force, purchasing high-tech defense equipment, allotting catering contract or executing a confidential assignment, the defense department exchanges various documents such as policy papers, proposals, rate cards, emails, with various counterparties like government, vendors, service providers, etc. Aviation defense document management assumes greater significance in light of grave confidentiality and security concerns.

Aviation & Defense ECM Solutions

Store and Retrieve

Defense field’s contents include not only text and numbers; but also symbols, sounds, plans, maps, photographs, and perforations – each with special meaning and significance. Content that can be either electronic or physical may require a protected unique version, or store and generate multiple copies based on its context. There should be a single point of reference for the content. ECM helps you not only to capture, but also perform the defense content management solution aspects based on its type, and with a chronological mark to easily generate a chain of evidences that supports decision making, and other business transactions.

Transfer, Archive and Destroy

Timely archival, transfer or destruction of data is necessary considering its importance and future usage. ECM facilitates you to scan and archive important data, destroy data such as short-term working papers or draft reference copies to reduce storage cost, or remove existence of some data automatically. It also has facility to transfer some documents where sole custody or copy of the documents is needed by the contractor.

Records and Document Management