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Case Study

ECM & BPM for Oil & Gas Industry

The client needed a robust document management system to maintain the digital flow of the content within different departments like engineering, procurement, human resources, projects and accounts.

The total number of existing electronic documents were 2.7 million at the start of the project. They migrated to Alfresco Enterprise edition with enhanced capability in terms of custom workflows, integration with third party system, custom metadata and search capabilities by utilizing our services.

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Government Infra Projects Records

The case was about the digitisation, storage and management of millions of records in a secured and user-friendly DMS with pre-defined folder structure.

Apart from this there was a need of a customised search and business reports as well.

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Legal Document Management

The project was developed for a software service provider to store and submit legal documents during a litigation process. The users would have access to the repository wherein they would be able to securely store and convey important legal documents.

This system helped the users adhere to the timeline of the litigation process in terms of document submission.

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