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Energy & Utilities Document Management

Energy and utility facilities are complex systems, whose safe and efficient operations depend on the synergy between diverse internal and external groups. These facilities also generate large volumes of mission-critical content in real time. Document management for energy and utility sector is critical in that sense. ECM Alfresco development solutions can help such companies manage their plants, processes, and assets to minimize operational and financial risk while offering substantial upside from efficient decision making.

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Uptime and Maintenance

Shutdown of energy & utility plants not only results in considerable financial loss, but also inconveniences the large number of customers and businesses that rely on it. If proper records of operation and maintenance are not kept, key maintenance and emergency response efforts get delayed, affecting plant availability. ECM equipped departmental energy and utilities management solutions allow facility operators to keep close track of plant operations, load patterns and maintenance schedules, optimizing plant availability and reducing potential losses.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

HSE is a top-of-the-mind concern for companies operating in the sector, as any lapse in this regard can mean large, often irreversible, environmental, financial and human losses. To achieve this end, plants rely on a plethora of documents that are routinely shared within and outside the organization. With its dynamic information sharing and trend-spotting capabilities, ECM solutions can help avert undesirable outcomes and ensure compliance.

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Document Management

Energy and utility companies usually operate in a restricted regional monopoly, and consequently have thousands, even millions, of users. They are also required to maintain intricate details of usage, billing, payment, etc. of each user for several years, implying a mammoth database. Similarly, there are voluminous multi-year contracts with suppliers as well. ECM solutions can assist in appropriate capture, storage and archival of this information to enhance productivity and operating efficiency in energy utilities document management.

Integration and Communication

Given the diverse stakeholders and the indispensable nature of its services, it is important to have an information management for utilities. ECM solutions can merge cross-functional content sources by linking engineering, maintenance, compliance, procurement and operations departments to speed business processes and decision-making.

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