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Dec 23

Key Features of Alfresco Document Management System You Need to Know

Alfresco content management system is highly scalable and flexible to manage enterprise-grade content requirements efficiently. Modern enterprises face many difficulties in managing ever-increasing content. It is necessary to ensure that the corporate content remains accessible as and when necessary. Alfresco Content Services can be easily combined with your existing business system.


You can hire Alfresco developers to make the most of this platform. Here we discuss key features of Alfresco that can benefit your enterprise by improving decision-making, productivity, and information governance. But, before moving ahead, let us know more about Alfresco as a robust platform for managing the corporate documents.

Alfresco- Brief Introduction
Alfresco Digital Business Platform is an advanced, enterprise-class, and cloud-based framework. Today, Alfresco empowers various organizations spanned across 190+ countries globally. It has enabled companies to build digital operations that can deliver instant services with excellent user experience. From Cisco to Nasa- many top-notch enterprises count on this platform for managing the document system.

Top Features of Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco offers a range of features for modern enterprises. We can classify these features in different segments of a document management system. Here are the top features of Alfresco Content Services.

1) Document Management

  1. Document Archiving
  2. Document Indexing and Assembly
  3. File Recovery and File Type Conversion
  4. Offline Access
  5. Compliance Tracking

2) Content Management

  1. Document Indexing
  2. Text Editor
  3. Audio and Video Content
  4. E-Forms
  5. Text Search
  6. Version Control

3) Data Governance

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Deltion Management
  3. Policy and Process Management
  4. Roles Management
  5. Storage Management

4) ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

  1. Content Tools
  2. Content Lifecycle Management
  3. Digital Asset Management
  4. Information Governance
  5. Search and Mobile Access
  6. Workflow Management

5) Mobile CMS (Content Management System)

  1. File Sharing and Permission Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Data Synchronization
  4. Personalization and Templates
  5. Search

6) Document Version Control

  1. Access Control
  2. Approval Process Control
  3. Audit Trail
  4. Document Chekc-in/Check-out
  5. Version Rollback

7) OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  1. ID Scanning and Batch Processing
  2. Image Pre-processing
  3. Indexing and Metadata Extraction
  4. Text Editor
  5. Multilingual Support

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These features make the Alfresco content management system the most suitable for industry sectors including financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, publishing, and the like.

Where does Alfresco stand in the competition against the average ECM product?
We have seen key features of Alfresco framework. Isn’t it interesting to compare the features and functionality of Alfresco with other available ECM products?

  • Content Acquisition and Aggregation
    Alfresco users will be a little disappointed by knowing that Alfresco covers 90% of content acquisition characteristics, which is slightly less than 91% characteristics covered by its peers. Similarly, on a content aggregation front, Alfresco supports around 50% of features and functions related to aggregation. It is again well below the average of 78% for other ECM software.
  • Portal Support
    Alfresco has an impressive show in this segment with having 100% of Portal Support characteristics. The average competitor coverage in Portal Support characteristics is 83%. So, when it comes to portal support, Alfresco shines out!
  • Personalization Management
    In this module, Alfresco has good coverage as it supports around 80% of features. The ECM software suites can offer an average of 89% support. Though it is a bit disappointing, the performance of Alfresco is quite satisfactory.
  • Records and Document Management
    Here is a fact that makes Alfresco the most important and useful document management system. It covers a whopping 95% of the features related to Document and Records management. Its competitors cover just 83% of such features on an average. The records and document management module gives an edge to Alfresco over its rivals.
  • Search Management
    As compared to the 90% market average, Alfresco offers 93% of coverage for Search and Indexing Management features. In a way, Alfresco leads other ECM software packages by a small margin in the search management module.

Concluding Note

At ContCentric, we integrate all necessary features of Alfresco to provide you a robust document management system. We have an in-house team of experienced developers who can make the most of technological advancements while making customized ECM solutions.

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Rahul Pethani

About The Author

Rahul Pethani is a Business Development Manager at ContCentric. Apart from looking after the sales and marketing activities of ContCentric, he has a keen interest in analyzing the use cases of both ECM and BPM platforms. Having a good insight into the Enterprise content management system. he used to stay updated with technological advancements and current affairs alike. Besides, he occasionally shares his domain expertise through writing blog posts.

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