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Government Document Management System

Governments, multilateral agencies, and local bodies rely on efficient information management in order to best serve their constituents for targeted benefits (subsidized fuel, food), health programs (controlling epidemics, vaccination, maternal and child health), crime reduction (regional vulnerability, crime logistics), etc.

Unfortunately, many agencies are still bogged down by massive amounts of paper and the inefficiencies that are associated with paper. Alfresco ECM services help them access and manage electronic content regardless of how it was created and where it resides; streamline and automate their processes; and share information across agencies and with constituents.

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Document Imaging and Capture

Government agencies often require retaining records for many years. This can amount to entire storerooms of boxed documents, and significant expenses for physical storage. Multilateral agencies also operate in regions with varying levels of technical sophistication. ECM helps you to quickly and effectively capture content from multiple channels by automating the extraction of data from both paper and digital documents wherever and whenever they originate. It ensures that your staff is never at a loss of information, with collaborative and handy Enterprise government document management software.

Information workflow governance

Municipal government processes are often characterized by routine tasks such as approvals, denials, and signatures on documents. Workflow allows organizations to automate these processes and distribute work online. ECM enabled automated workflow lets your offices take advantage of technology to reduce errors, improve accuracy, and decrease operational costs. It even allows you to configure your system to ensure that work can continue in cases where you have absences, whether they are anticipated or not. By eliminating paper inefficiencies, automated workflow can significantly reduce billing cycles. Scanned documents, COLD-ERM reports, electronic forms, electronic bills, and PC files can be electronically routed within and throughout different departments. Furthermore, automation allows your department to standardize processes, which helps you to comply with certain regulations.

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Record management

Locating paper records is often tedious but with ECM, record retention and destruction schedules can be configured electronically in compliance with the timeframes for which they are mandated. A strong ECM system can ensure that your department is complying with privacy and accountability requirements, as well as other measures that are specific to government offices. ECM guarantees that access to records is restricted to all but authorized users.

Advanced case management

Decision makers in government need to assemble, analyse, act on and archive content for improved outcomes. These solutions make it possible to gain value from the wealth of information in documents, data, video, audio and social media. ECM helps your organization make content processes consistent across government divisions and give decision makers the control and insight they need to resolve cases more effectively. You can access and update case files remotely with mobile and cloud-based case solutions. You can also retain the necessary case information for regulatory or legal requirements with a full audit trail.

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Content Analytics

Government and multilateral agencies run several programs for the betterment of the community. From health to education, each program has large fund allocation, long-term timeline, and implementation plan. Consistent periodic progress monitoring and mathematical analysis of progress reports drive decision making and right resource allocation. ECM can help you to integrate data from different sources and ensure that the programs are targeted towards and executed for the intended audience. Its data mining capacity finds out hidden trends, patterns, and potential risk in the given scenario. This becomes particularly crucial in light of the recent trends in terrorism and violence that involve culprits across geographic and social strata.