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Healthcare Document Management

Healthcare industry abounds with patient information on a daily basis, making it important to have a patient-centric Enterprise content management system that can identify needs of users, support their plans and operations, and manage results and outcomes.

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Regulation-compliant security with multiple tiers of protection

Officially and ethically it is imperative to guard patient information from unauthorized sources. Therefore, the information storage and retrieval must follow standard medical protocols to achieve uniformity, audit trial, and security. Heathcare document management helps you to store patient information such that it can comply with HIPAA, FDA and other medical standards and protocols, and you can have a secure, consolidated content repository.

Complete patient record from unstructured patient data

Patient data comes in various formats such as paper files, x-rays, imaging files, etc. from various sources. Most of the time, the data is disorganized and fragmented in the care unit. ECM Healthcare Document Management helps you to capture, and store patient details uniformly in an Electronic Medical Record format (EMR) such that you can access them easily with single click.

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Unique number based workflow for easy administration

Doctors and medical staff should have easy access to each patient document on a regular basis for various purposes. With unique Medical Record Number (MNR) assigned to each patient record, medical staff can access and share information, and work together in a more efficient manner. Additionally, recording online auditing, patient visit details, and editing patient data become painless jobs.

Single view of the patient and care plan

When referring patient information stored in your system, the view should be succinct and accurate. ECM helps you to combine and synchronize disintegrated health information and create a single customized view of the patient and care plan. Graphics and mapping tools makes the data easy to integrate and understand.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Team-based and patient-centred approach to care

Multi-speciality hospitals with numerous departments have a multidisciplinary people pool that may include physicians, nurses, counsellors, physical therapists, etc. It is very important to plan location, reference, schedule, and priorities of these diversified members who serve 24×7. ECM’s cross-organization collaboration helps to efficiently ally stakeholders among different medical teams, and different patient groups.