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ECM for all Industries

The role of content management varies across industries – for some, content can assume mission-critical significance. For others, it can act as a key differentiator to improve customer service, operating efficiency, security, and reliability, and create a competitive advantage in the market. We help the wide strata of industries to provide a Document Management System, now familiar as ECM or BPM Document management solutions.

BFSI ECM Solutions

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Operations in banking, insurance and other NBFCs are by their very nature, decentralised and distributed. In its effort to expand reach and access, the BFSI sector caters to a wide variety of customers in several regions under different rules and regulations. Consequently, content generation and management are that much more complex and mission-critical.

Pharmaceuticals ECM Solutions


Content serves as a key part of the Pharmaceuticals value chain. Being highly regulated, the industry needs to follow proper documentation management processes to manage the voluminous information generated in the day-to-day operations. Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical world should not be viewed as an adhoc workaround: it can change how radically pharmaceutical organizations can provide progressive and unified service while also keeping costs down.

Healthcare ECM Solutions


Healthcare industry floods with patient information every day, making it important to have a patient centric content management system that can identify needs of health care clients, support their plans and operations, and manage results and outcomes.

Media Document Management


To engage the audience, it is necessary to share and post localized content persistently. ECM helps you to choose and share content based on location, language, and demographic details and preferences of your customers.

Telecommunication ECM Solutions


Telecommunication is one of the most dynamic sectors, and is the backbone of many vital industrial verticals. With rapid advancements in technology, telecom service providers need to constantly innovate, upgrade their infrastructure and offer state-of-the-art solutions to their customers. Enterprise content management solutions help telecom companies to effortlessly manage innovation, customer service, infrastructure setup and human resources.

Transport & Logistics ECM Solutions

Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector struggles with paper-intensive processes that require heavy administrative overhead. Error-free and secure communication and process execution are key requirements of these industries for their location, supply chain, delivery and order related information. ECM offers comprehensive and effective solutions to focus on meeting customer expectations with the highest quality of service.


Retail & Consumer

The retail sector thrives on volumes, operates on thin margins and has a substantial ‘human’ element, making it imperative to be versatile, yet efficient and large, yet nimble. It involves thousands of stock keeping units (SKUs) spread across hundreds of outlets managed by thousands of employees. Managing content in these circumstances can at once be challenging and overwhelming. ECM enables you to turn this challenge into an opportunity by seamlessly integrating and digitizing information from disparate merchandising and supply chain networks.

Government & Agencies ECM Solutions

Government & Agencies

Governments and local bodies rely on efficient information management in order to best serve their constituents. Unfortunately, many municipal agencies are still bogged down by massive amounts of paper and the inefficiencies that are associated with paper. ECM solutions help governments access and manage electronic content regardless of how it was created and where it resides, streamline and automate their processes; and share information across agencies and with constituents.

Aviation & Defense ECM Solutions

Aviation & Defense

Aviation industry is a complex ecosystem that connects all the suppliers, manufacturers, owner/operators and lessors. Records management in a highly regulated environment like aviation requires records access for the life of an aircraft. Thus, it is necessary that all the counterparts access and utilize business data through a single, controlled and secure platform. ECM is what you need here. ECM’s browser-based management, capture, and administration tools and industry specific processes unlock the hidden value in your maintenance records and help you prove compliance.

Energy & Utilities Document Management

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility facilities are complex systems, whose safe and efficient operations depend on the synergy between diverse internal and external groups. These facilities also generate large volumes of mission-critical content in real time. ECM solutions can help such companies manage their plants, processes and assets to minimize operational and financial risk, while offering substantial upside from efficient decision making.