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Media Document Management

Media Document management

Right Content for the Right Audience

To engage the audience, it is necessary to share and post localized content persistently. ECM helps you to choose and share content based on location, language, and demographic details and preferences of your customers.

Multi-channel Publishing

The face of media has changed with the introduction of new channels. Extensive use of channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogs supports clients and customers alike to spread their message to a wide social community around the world, and divert them to visit their medium repeatedly. Media document management using ECM helps you to systematically prepare a library of ready-to-use content suitable for each channel, and also to schedule content delivery on these channels on need basis.

Web Content Management
Digitization Services

ECM for New Media

The media & entertainment industry has undergone a massive change owing to digitization, rendering obsolete age-old production and distribution models. Workflows and systems have been remodeled, allowing anyone and everyone to create and share content across multiple channels. Publishers, broadcasters, studios, and advertisers require software support to activate the new production and distribution models. Enterprise Content Management is the one-stop solution to ensure perfect workflow across multiple media and entertainment channels and mediums.

With our media asset management system, you can integrate the production DAM, workflows, and tools with the appropriate back-office accounting and business rights systems. You can have the optimum digital media supply chain that will take care of the various processes beginning with creation and ending with a transaction. These solutions culminate in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

As models move from multi-channel to omnichannel, our electronic document management solutions help maintain the consistency of the message across devices. They also entail the establishment of a cloud presence, which helps integrate your systems with the on-premise infrastructure.

The media asset management system is included with media storage and archive services, which manage tiered storage infrastructures that include fast-disk, object storage, and LTO tape archive, and scale it to petabyte sized libraries for perfect archiving. We have made search functionality better and faster with our federated media access feature. Our solutions are powered by one of the best DMS Document Management System, Alfresco. Therefore, your business is going to be on the right platform to achieve the set goals!