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Pharmaceuticals Document Management

Content serves as a key part of the pharmaceuticals value chain. Being highly regulated, the industry needs to follow stipulated documentation management processes to tackle the voluminous information generated in day-to-day operations. Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical sector should not be viewed as an ad hoc workaround: it can change how radically pharmaceutical organizations can provide progressive and unified service while also keeping costs down.

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R&D portfolio

R&D has the potential to steeply raise your profit margins, but comes with considerable uncertainty in the implementation cycle, including project failure. To evolve your R&D portfolio, ECM’s intelligent processes and tools can help you to make meticulous valuation of the investment opportunities and product line extensions. You can produce risk/return predictions that can support the R&D management team’s resource allocation decisions.

Intellectual Property protection

It is imperative for a pharmaceutical company to safeguard its business secrets from competitors. During the normal product lifecycle or law suits, your company may be asked to produce certain information, and this could lead to significant costs if it is unavailable or not provided in the correct manner. ECM provides password protected security for your important data to let you chose who can access what.

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Quality control in Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical organizations are facing more pressure than ever to run efficient, uninterrupted manufacturing processes at the lowest possible cost while meeting stringent safety systems and quality standards. Production delays can cost millions of dollars per day while consent decree fines for violations of regulatory authority standards such as US-FDA and UK-GMP can be exorbitant. ECM based quality assurance and manufacturing solutions enable companies to control quality and manufacturing statistics, and automate workflows across the extended enterprise.

Compliance with Regulations

New products under development or cheaper products on the expiration of patents should be launched much before competitors to maximize gains. However, complying with international regulations and processes during and after the approval phase can affect your planned timeline and profit margins. Our ECM solutions can enable you to create, track and manage information in adherence to regulations and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

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Knowledge Management

To drive innovation, a collaboration of knowledge is crucial. It is necessary that you can access and share research data, regulatory documents, and submissions with your internal and external network. Our ECM based Pharmaceuticals document management comprises of a wide range of secure and collaborative business process tools that can help knowledge culture thrive in the organization without compromising on confidentiality.