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Reusable Components

Due Date Reminder

It is better to remind the workflow users regarding their tasks prior to the due date, to make sure they get completed on time. This component allows Alfresco administrators to set due date reminders for the workflows. It sends the reminder notification emails to the users who have not taken any action on their active tasks. This component can be very useful to the organizations which are using Alfresco and have their own Business Process implemented already.

This component provides the facility to set the due date reminders based upon the priorities of workflows, for a specific single workflow, as well as one common reminder for all the workflows. Additionally, for every reminder entry, a separate email template can be selected.

Cost: USD 800

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Alfresco Content Encryption

Enterprise Content Management system requires a great level of security for the content stored in it. Alfresco Community has been chosen as an ECM by many organizations for the content or documents management and it provides content security at industry-standards. Alfresco stores the file in the .bin format which is not directly accessible but if the extensions are known as it could mostly be .pdf, .docx or .doc then one who has the access to the content store can change the extension of .bin file and view the original content.

We, ContCentric, have developed a component to give extra security layer to the content by encrypting them before they get stored in the content stores. This component overcomes this by providing custom encryption to the Alfresco repository contents being stored.

Cost: Free

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Password Protected PDF

This component allows users to secure their very important and private PDF files stored in the Alfresco with a password. A user can apply this action to any PDF document and the auto-generated password will be emailed to the user. Password protection module will provide more safety and security to important, private, and sensitive PDF documents.

Any other user, who wants to access that document, would be able to send a request for the password through Alfresco UI only, where the owner of the password would revert with the password/ comment.

Cost: Free

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List of Checked-Out Documents in Alfresco

This addon component provides the list of checked-out documents to admin. The list contains the document name, the user who checked-out the document and the number of days since it is checked-out.

In a practical scenario, at times, users check-out the document and forget to check-in. The other users are deprived of acting on such documents. This list can help Admin approach the users offline and ask them to check-in the document back to Alfresco.

Cost: Free

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Dynamic linear Work-flow

Business Processes are the keys to every business these days. When it comes to BPM (Business Process Management) Alfresco provides some basic OOTB processes (work-flows). Alfresco is having tremendous capabilities to cater the most complex business processes however, new Work-flow development or changes in the existing work-flows in production is still a pain for the most. Even the simplest and linear business process requires development and deployment efforts.

Here, we have come up with the Alfresco component that can help Alfresco administrator create and use linear work-flow(s) on the go, within the Alfresco itself. Once the component is deployed, there is no downtime for deployment or server restart required for work-flow(s). Just like other add-ons this component is also available in the form of AMP(Alfresco Module Package).

Cost: USD 1,000

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Quickly Move to Next Task

In Alfresco, once user works on any task, he/she will be redirected to the Task List page. From that page, the user has to select another task and work on it. This component will help users to go to the next task after completing the current task. It will be helpful when business users work on bulk tasks and have a tight timeline to complete. This component will save their time going to the task list page and selecting the next task.

Order of tasks execution is based on first come first serve. Means, old pending tasks will have priority to get them completed. If a new task comes in between, it will go at the end in the sequence. Once all tasks will be completed, the user will be redirected to the task list page.

Cost: Free

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Document Previewer on the Task Page

In Alfresco, the user gets task notification in his/her dashboard Or in his/her email. When the user clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to the task detail page. This task may have a document attached to it. The user has to open that document, review it, again come back to the task page and take next action like approve/reject.

To avoid the extra click and to give the facility of previewing the document attached with the task right on the task details page, we have worked on to create this component. It will be easy to review a document and take action on the same page.

This component merge functionalities of document actions on the talk page. It helps increase productivity when users receive many tasks on a daily basis. This component is available in the form of AMP (Alfresco Module Package).

Cost: USD 200

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