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Telecommunication Document Management

Telecommunication is a dynamic sector, a backbone of many vital industrial verticals. With rapid advancements in technology, telecom service providers need to constantly innovate, upgrade their infrastructure and offer state-of-the-art solutions to their customers. Enterprise content management solutions help telecom companies to effortlessly manage innovation, customer service, infrastructure setup and human resources.

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Information Capturing and Storing

Telecommunication companies offer services to a wide group of customers, spread across various geographies, each with its own type of regulatory and information requirements. With enterprises data management solutions, you can capture, collect, store, and process sensitive documents of your clients in a hassle-free manner, whether received physically or through different data sources such as mobile, scanner, LAN, etc.

Diversified Content Delivery

Telecom market handles various channels of electronic information, such as voice mail, email, music messages, sponsored call, web, voice SMS, etc. The mobile market is brimming with devices that handle different type of content from different sources. ECM helps you to implement multiple delivery mechanisms, as also handset specific content delivery, to cater your diversified customers.

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Infrastructure Optimisation

One of the biggest costs in the telecom industry comes from physical infrastructure in the form of telecom towers and human infrastructure in terms of back office support. ECM system can act as telecom data management system to throw up interesting statistics on density of users to rationalize tower installations and optimize back office resource allocation based on frequency and timing of demand for support.

Customer Service

Timely communication with customers by addressing their requests becomes challenging for a national or multinational telecom player. Rising real estate costs are a deterrent to opening customer service outlets in regions with low footfalls. With the help of ECM, you can easily store and retrieve sizeable customer data, billing history, or service request details. ECM helps you to reduce problem resolution time; and to grow the pool of happy and loyal customers persistently.

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High Level of Security

Telecommunication industry handles sensitive client data. ECM helps you to provide different access levels in the system, based on specific internal and regulatory needs. With pervasive use of telecom services for crimes ranging from terrorist attacks to money laundering, it has become indispensable for telecom companies to implement sound KYC norms, track user behaviour and furnish relevant details to authorities when requested, which telecommunication document management provides to this industry.