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Transportation & Logistics Document Management

Document management for transport and logistics sector struggles with paper-intensive processes that require heavy administrative overheads. Error-free and secure communication and process execution are key requirements of these industries for their location, supply chain, delivery and order related information. ECM offers comprehensive and effective solutions to focus on meeting customer expectations with the highest quality of service.

Transport & Logistics ECM Solutions

Route Planning

Transport and Logistics companies operate services on multiple routes, often on one or more days of the week. Managing information silos on this account can be a challenge, but a transportation document management system enables you to convert this into an opportunity. Insights from such data can be useful in determining the most lucrative routes, setting models for pricing, eliminating unviable routes, resource allocation, etc.

Load Optimisation and Warehouse Management

Companies are often compelled to operate on sub-optimal tonnage or routes owing to competitive concerns or customer loyalty considerations. ECM can capture real-time demand-supply data and offer insights on last-minute changes to the route or fleet to make it more viable by optimizing tonnage and occupancy. In an era of steep real estate prices, warehouse management also becomes critical both from a utilization and customer service standpoint. ECM can facilitate this by providing accurate data on real time utilization levels and item locations in warehouses.

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Pre and Post Transport Management

When your business crosses international borders, you need compliance documents to support trade policies, taxation, legal formalities, and authority forms for different countries. ECM helps you to capture documents at “Point of entry” to eliminate cost of processing and delays.

Easy Data Integration and Accurate Extraction

Voluminous information from customers, warehouses and offices at global locations can make it difficult to extract the most critical and important detail quickly. ECM integrates information from various departments through transport workflow management into a single system for easy access, and helps you to extract key information with accuracy.

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Real-time Information Access

When customers take your service to ship their physical products, their business rely on your consistent and speedy service. Customers’ communication with their counterparts depends on how accurately you provide status of their shipment through Transport and logistics document Management. ECM helps you and your customers to receive real-time status of shipment, and sensitive and critical messages on priority.

Unified Messaging Platform

Many of today’s transportation companies rely upon fax and email to confirm deliveries, broadcast order placements, alert clients and relevant personnel, notify employees of changes in shipments, send purchase orders, etc. When in bulk, these messaging processes pose a burden on the enterprise’s IT departments, overwhelming employees and increasing manual labour that can spike costs. transport document management system helps you to create a unified messaging platform to capture and fax, email, SMS and voice messages at a single place.

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