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Web Content Management

Enterprises thrive on digital content and their website to boost their efficiency, improve the work productivity, and increase transparency across the different verticals. It is important to create an enriched web experience for both content management and delivery. Web content management helps create, manage, publish and author enterprise content in an easy and convenient manner. It retains the whole IT control while simplifying the frontend tasks. Our ECM helps deliver personalized content to the right audience through the right channels. It makes content marketing effective and efficient. Let’s know more about one of the best web content management system.

Business Process Management

Publishing the Content

Web content management is a part of the enterprise content management (ECM), and allows you to publish documents as well as web pages to the website with ease. With our publishing solutions, you can manage and maintain the content with appropriate branding and presentation using this tool. Our content publishing solution features role based tools that increase the productivity of content publishing and help you to update critical content faster.


An ideal collaboration is when sharing, communication and effective management of tasks across all the verticals within the enterprise is streamlined and easily possible. The web content management poses to be a collaboration platform allowing authorized users to retrieve and manage the content as it receives fierce support from our enterprise management system you can create Content in a collaborative manner, and track changes with ease using the different authorizations.

Records and Document Management
Knowledge Management

Content Syndication

Distributing the content is another critical matter for enterprises. Our ECM enabled web content management not only ensures proper channels for storing and creating the content but also helps you in distributing the content using RSS feed channels. We also support email channel for content distribution.

Digital Asset Management

Enterprises can manage the document images within the different business processes using the enterprise document management system features. We have automated tasks such as thumbnail creation, conversion of high-resolution assets to digital friendly formats etc. with our tool, thus making content management efficient and effective.

A single repository is created to manage and support the different enterprise applications. You can capture the data and provide annotations and markup to the images in a smart way with this tool. Essentially, it makes data capture, record and authoring easy and convenient to the digital enterprises.

Digitization Services