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May 20

Your Concise Guide to Advanced Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

ECM services are aimed at managing content for large enterprises and SMEs alike. The blog talks on the benefits of Alfresco Enterprise Content Management platform.

In today’s digital age, the corporate sector wants to make the most of a myriad of content. There, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) comes into the picture. In recent years, ECM has started playing a more significant and interactive role in modern business. What’s more, advanced technologies like ML, cloud, and mobility can be integrated with ECM to open the doors for more productive and real-time usage of enterprise content.

Today, thanks to advancing technology, we have several ECM software available on the market. Liferay, Alfresco, and OpenText are to name a few. Out of these options, we will go through some noteworthy aspects and business benefits of Alfresco ECM software in this blog. As an open, flexible, and scalable ECM software, Alfresco has gained ground very swiftly across the world. Let’s see how Alfresco content management can benefit your business.

Alfresco enterprise content management

• Easy Integration
Whether cloud, APIs, or open technologies- it is easy to integrate technological advancements with Alfresco ECM software. A number of applications can be integrated on the Alfresco platform without affecting the overall performance.

You can get customized solutions for integrating content into the systems and processes with Alfresco and get an agile experience.

• Cloud-supported
The cloud-based content strategy remains very productive for modern business. Alfresco supports external participants of the document or workflow associated with the hybrid cloud.

• Incorporate content with processes
Various business tasks and operation activities can be incorporated effectively with content. In a way, Alfresco can automate administrative and other business processes.

• Anywhere access
Mobile Content and Process Services enable the app users to access Alfresco enterprise system on their apps. It can eliminate data access-related obstacles.

Also, features like LDAP integration and in-built toolset can facilitate your business to streamline processes while offering centralized document storage. Alfresco development company can also enable you to enhance collaboration and document management. Key Alfresco development processes include document upload, share, modify, and approve. All these processes are safe and rapid to simplify your workflow.

Be it Alfresco ECM Enterprise Edition (EE) or Alfresco Community Edition (CE), the Alfresco software can help your business to take advantage of futuristic Enterprise Content Management. Top companies like Cisco, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, NASA, and US Navy Department, count on Alfresco platform for their diverse content requirements.

In brief, ECM services with Alfresco can take your business to the next level by automating processes and sync every aspect of the workflow.

Concluding Lines
It is fair to mention that Alfresco contributes a lot to ECM services. This robust software can readily integrate corporate content and enable the users to leverage the valuable data. You can also get the benefits of active and ever-growing developers community in managing the corporate content. All you need to hire Alfresco developers to get a competitive advantage of this amazing platform.

At ContCentric, we offer best-in-class content management services. Our Alfresco-based services include performance optimization, support, and development. Our experienced Alfresco ECM consultants understand your business needs thoroughly before developing advanced solutions. Connect with us at to know how modern enterprise content management can benefit your business.

Rahul Pethani

About The Author

Rahul Pethani is a Business Development Manager at ContCentric. Apart from looking after the sales and marketing activities of ContCentric, he has a keen interest in analyzing the use cases of both ECM and BPM platforms. Having a good insight into the Enterprise content management system. he used to stay updated with technological advancements and current affairs alike. Besides, he occasionally shares his domain expertise through writing blog posts.

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